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Beginning Aquaculture - Where Do I Begin?
50,000 Tiny Walleye Fry
  50,000 Tiny Walleye Fry  

The best way to get information on beginning an aquaculture operation in Wisconsin is to:

♦ Get the starter kit from  DATCP (WI Dept of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection) ( For states other than Wisconsin, regulations could vary greatly from information provided. Contact your State Aquaculture Coordinator at:  NASAC  ).

♦ Use the Wisconsin Find a Fish Farmer to contact farmers doing the sort of thing you are interested in. Visit farms, ask questions, learn what works and what doesn't. Most farmers are very willing to assist; some charge a small 'consulting fee' and request that an appointment be made in advance for a site visit.

♦ Visit the NCRAC site. This site has a wealth of information on fish and fish culture that is easy to find. From site and business planning to construction, nutrition, growth projections and marketing, information is laid out for beginners or more advanced inquiries, this site can't be beat.

♦ Join the Wisconsin Aquaculture Association, attend meetings, network with members. No matter how experienced you are, how far you've gone and how many mega-tons of fish you've raised, you'll learn more through interaction with this diverse, unique and fun group.

♦ Attend one of the Beginning Aquaculture Workshops that are held in the summer. These 1-day Saturday workshops are held in different areas of the state each year and at host fish farm.  The aquaculture specialists will give talks on  WIsconsin Aquaculture, Starting a Fish Farm, Economics/Business Planning, and Rules and Regulations.  Participants will receeive packets of information and a CD containing ecomnomic worksheets.  In the afternoon there will be a tour of the host farm, giving partricipants the opportunity to see firsthand how a fish farm operaties and the ability to ask questions of the owners about their operation.

♦ Wisconsin has 2 Aquaculture Specialists.  Contact one of them for additional information, any questions you may have to to schedule a site visit.  This is a service the University provides and there is no fee.

Southern Wisconsin

Jim Held

302 S. Main Street

Lake Mills, WI  53551




Northern Wisconsin

Ron Johnson

400 Hill Ave.

Star Prairie, WI  54026




WisconsinAquaculture.com - Beginning Aquaculture - Where Do I Begin?
WisconsinAquaculture.com - Beginning Aquaculture - Where Do I Begin?
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WisconsinAquaculture.com - Beginning Aquaculture - Where Do I Begin?
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WisconsinAquaculture.com - Beginning Aquaculture - Where Do I Begin?
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